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The work carried out by a real estate agent is complex, it is not enough to relate two sides to conclude a deal, but we must carry out complicated requirements that are imposed by law and required by the market.
Professionalism, transparency and accountability are our principles. To carry out the mediation activities must be registered with the local Chamber of Commerce having certain requirements: moral and professional. Therefore chosen to accomplish this task with agencies that have professionalism and seriousness.
Here are some recommendations………

  • Ensure at the town hall (where the property is located) that there is a concession building, or habitability inspection, that there are no abuses and / or inconsistency in this case, verifies that the regularisation concession has been issued.
  • Ensure compliance of the implants.
  • Read the Rules of the Condominium.
  • Check the cadastral data of the property, category, class, the census area, because according to them you will pay taxes.
  • Cadastral and mortgage inspections to ensure that there will not be facts which could prejudice the sale not declared by the owner.
  • Verify the capital strength of the seller, if you buy from a company or an entrepreneur in a state of bankruptcy will likely see withdrawn the sale or purchase and consequently losing the house also advance payments.
  • Check any pre-emption rights by third parties.
    Check with the Administrator, if you buy housing in a condominium, payments rate of spending condo, because those who succeed in buying an apartment, are obliged by law with the previous owner to pay the expenses for that year and for the previous years.

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